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International Patients

  • We specialize in immediate implants!!!
  • You can contact us via Email / phone from your country about your dental problem.
  • You can send us your OPG xray, photographs, CT scan (if any) via email.
  • From these data, an approxiamate treatment plan, and approxiamate cost is derived and sent back to you for approval.
  • Details such as number of appointments, duration of treatment will be discussed as per.
  • We can arrange your Hotel stay, airport pickup-drop, local sight seeing, etc if u choose.
  • After finalization of your plan (travel dates and itinerary), you can book an appointment with us.
  • On arrival at the Dental Centre, after thorough examination and evaluation, a final definitive diagnosis and finalized treatment plan is given before commencing the treatment.
  • Email us at:
  • Call us on 91 80-26560739 or 91 9845020520
Procedure Description Cost in Indian Rupees
1. Consultation(one time only) Without xray Rs. 250
2. Consultation(one time only) With xray Rs. 750
3. Scaling and polishing   Rs. 750-1000
4. Teeth whitening(bleaching) Home whitening Rs. 3500 onwards
Office whitening Rs. 5000-8500
Laser whitening Rs. 10,000 onwards
5. Tooth Jewellery   Rs. 2500-6000
6. Tooth Restoration(filling)   Rs. 750-1200
7. Root Canal Treatment   Rs. 3000-6000
8. Extraction Regular Rs. 500
Wisdom tooth Rs. 2500-10,000
9. Ceramic Crown Regular Rs. 3000 onwards
With 10 year warranty Rs. 5000 onwards
Zirconia (3M) Rs.12,000 onwards
10. Veneers and Laminate   Rs.6000-8000/per tooth
11. Periodontal surgery(Flap Surgery/gum surgery) Regular Rs.3000-4000 per arch
Laser surgery Rs.5000-6000 per arch
12. Gum shaping / Depigmentation   Rs.5000-10,000 per arch
13. Dental Implant (per implant) Regular Rs.30,000 onwards
Nobel Biocare Implant Rs.50,000 onwards
Basal implant (German) (Immediate loading) Rs.35,000 onwards
14. Orthodontic (Braces) Metal Rs.25,000 onwards
Self Ligating metal (Damon/3M/American) Rs.45,000 onwards
Ceramic Rs.30,000 onwards
Self ligating ceramic Rs.60,000 onwards
Incognito(Lingual Braces from 3M Germany) Rs. 2,50,000 onwards
15. Invisible Braces Clear Aligners(German technology)(Only for simple or minor cases) Rs. 30,000 onwards
Clear Rs.75000 to 1,50,000
Incognito (Gold -Lingual Braces from 3M Germany) Rs.2,50,000 onwards
16. Retainers Regular Rs.2500 onwards
Invisible retainer (removable) Rs.2500 onwards
Permanent retainer Rs.3500-5000 onwards
Fibre reinforced  bonded retainer(tooth colored) per arch Rs. 7500 onwards

Authored By DR.Girish P.V - Orthodontist, Bangalore



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