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Top 10 Reasons Why Aligner is the best choice for Athletes/Sportspersons

Date :07-Feb-2020

A bright and beautiful smile has a vital role in every athlete' s/sports person's life. However, some may find it challenging to deliver this smile due to crooked and misaligned teeth. Wearing metal braces can, of course, help to solve this problem. But, experts' advice is to choose clear aligners over traditional metal braces. The following are the reasons why clear aligners are best for...

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What is snoring? Why does it occur? Are there different types of snoring?

Date :06-Dec-2019

Snoring is the sound that is generated when air flows past the relaxed muscle tissue of the throat. While, for some people, snoring can be a very serious health problem, most people snore now and then. Above all, snoring can be an absolute nuisance to the people who have to live with it. Causes:Snoring can be caused by a number of factors. While a person is asleep or progressing from light to...

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Is snoring badly? Warning signs and health risk

Date :05-Nov-2019

Snoring occurs when air cannot move freely via the passageway at the back of the nose and mouth. Soft tissues, including the soft palate, uvula and tonsils surround this area. During sleep, these tissues relax, and air passing through them can cause the vibrating sounds known as snoring.Usually snoring isn’t a serious condition; however there are few exceptions when snoring can lead to...

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MSE Orthodontic Appliance- A Great Alternative To Surgery

Date :18-Jul-2019

Proper sleep plays a vital role in staying healthy and fit. If you are experiencing insomnia, interrupted breathing during sleep, loud snoring or other irregular sleeping issues, you are probably suffering from an acute case of Sleep Apnea. If you are the one who doesn't get quality sleep which leads to other psychological and physical complexities, you need to consult a doctor and take suggestive...

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Invisalign Braces – The secret to get your beautiful smile back

Date :15-May-2019

We all meet new people every day. Therefore creating a good first impression is imperative. We dress well, use colognes to smell great and even use costly accessories to look our best in front of others. But have you ever thought about your pearly whites? Yes, your teeth. A person’s smile is what people notice first and if you have a great smile then you are lucky. But what about the others...

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TMJ - Dysfunctions and treatments

Date :12-Mar-2019

Temporomandibular joint is a part or hinge that connects the jaw to the skull. This joint thus helps in the seamless movement of the jaw while talking, eating, chewing etc. Any defect occurring in this section would impair the proper movement of the jaw and sometimes obstructs contact between the upper parts of the teeth with its lower counterpart. Severe pain might be inflicted in the jaw due to...

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Invisible Braces Treatment

Date :14-Feb-2019

Smile Architect Centre for Dental & Invisible Braces is a well-established and reputed Dental Clinic In Bangalore. Being located in the middle of the city, we are a great sight of attraction for providing dental treatments. Our Clinic is number one for Clearpath Braces Treatment. Have performed highest number of cases. Dr. Girish P.V , our doctor is a Certified...

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Dental Braces Treatment In Bangalore

Date :15-Jan-2019

Smile Architect Center For Dental & Invisible Braces is a leading dental clinic located in Bangalore. We are the number one invisible braces provider in Bangalore. Provides world class dental treatments under one roof. Varied treatments available at Smile Architect are dental braces, dental implant, gum treatments, full mouth rehabilitation, teeth bleaching, wedding smile makeover, root canal...

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Invisible Braces Bangalore

Date :18-Dec-2018

Misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, gapped teeth are various teeth problems faced by us. These teeth problems can be corrected by orthodontic braces. Brackets and wires are braces for teeth alignment. Braces are fixed on teeth during the treatment procedure. Invisible Braces are completely different from traditional braces. Invisible braces are purely transparent and it does not contain brackets and...

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Clear Braces in Bangalore

Date :08-Nov-2018

Invisible braces are otherwise called clear aligners. It act as an alternative to metal braces for the purpose of improving the smile. Removal invisible braces offers aesthetic solution for confidence smile. Custom made series of aligner trays that are completely transparent , which shift your teeth gradually and gently in proper place.  It made of invisible plastic for virtual...

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Invisalign Treatment in Bangalore

Date :20-Oct-2018

Invisalign is the advanced treatment used to straighten the crooked teeth and improve the smile. Braces was used before, which cause sores and mouth injuries due to the wires used in it. Invisibility is the most important advantage of invisalign. It is painless and also does not require any metal fittings. Walk into Smile Architect Center for Dental and Invisible Braces to smile confidently...

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Invisible Braces: Get The Smile You’ve Always wanted

Date :08-Sep-2018

A natural, straight row of teeth is overrated. Almost all of us have some kind of imperfection regarding our teeth. The thought of wearing metal braces does not appeal to most. The stigma of crooked, wayward and unattractive teeth invades our confidence. We become more concerned about our smile and in effect the potential beautiful smile gets veiled. We start covering up our mouth while smiling...

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Remedies for Gum Disease

Date :14-Aug-2018

Gum disease is an inflammatory condition that affects the tissue surrounding of a tooth and a leading cause of tooth loss. Gum disease is also known as periodontal disease or periodontitis. In this condition, the toxin produced by the bacteria damage the teeth connective tissue and bone, destroying them and raising tooth loss. The potential precursor of the gum disease is a bacterial infection...

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Protect Your Tooth by Root Canal Treatment

Date :28-Jul-2018

A root canal treatment is recommended for the decayed or infected tooth treatment. The tooth is repaired or saved by removing the nerve and pulp and sealed the inside of the tooth in the treatment process. if root canal treatment is not performed on time, it will become infected and develop abscesses. The natural cavity present in the center of the tooth is known as root canal. The soft area of...

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Give a Beautiful Smile Without Hesitation With Invisible Braces

Date :08-Jul-2018

The style and personality of a person are significantly contributed to the success of their social and professional life. Having a beautiful smile can add an advantage in that. The treatment of developing a beautiful smile through invisible braces is quite popular these days. What are invisible braces? Invisible braces or lingual braces are used to fix the inner side of the teeth. In this...

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Smile Makeover For A Better Smile

Date :17-Jun-2018

The makeover is the process of improving the smile appearance through one or more smile correction in Karnataka that includes: Composite bonding Dental veneers Whitening of teeth Implantation of tooth Some of the components that take into consideration consists of skin tone, facial appearance, hair color, skin tone, gum tissue, teeth, and lips.The makeover is performed for many reasons...

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Wedding smiles Goals Met At Invisible Braces

Date :18-Apr-2018

The big day when two hearts join together to start a new adventure – THE WEDDING DAY! Don’t you too wish to be the prettiest and the best of all on your big day? But what is restraining you? We, Invisible Braces, Bangalore help you bring out the best smile in you for your wedding day- not just for your wedding day but for days beyond. Invisible Braces, being the best cosmetic dentist...

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