Luke P(Australia)

Review of Luke P

I was very much happy with Smile Architect for its hospititality and ambience. I would definitely recommend the clinic for everyone. Also clean, spacious with comfortable parking area.


Review of Karen

Very happy to start Invisible braces treatment at smile architect. Dr.Girish was very friendly and helpful.My visit to Bangalore was very short infact for just 2 days, still the doctor was able to cater to my invisible braces treatment at short notice. The aligners were shipped to my doorstep.I recommend Smile Architect to all patients looking for invisible braces treatment.

Mr.Frans Ponidjo(Netherlands)


I am very happy with the services in Dr.Girish's clinic because of many reasons. Here in Netherlands we have to wait atleast 4 months to get a dental appointment and it is very expensive. I came to Bangalore for my nasal surgery and chose Smile Architect dental and implant center for my full mouth implant treatment. The clinic is very spacious, huge waiting area, friendly staff and homely ambience. Did not feel like a dental clinic.I would definitely recommend to everyone.

Aathman (USA)

Testimonial- Aathman

I came for my braces treatment hoping for a good treatment and I was definitely impressed with the way the Orthodontist(Dr.Girish) handled my treatment in a very easy, professional manner. I wanted a specific type of braces which is available in the United states and he got it done as I wanted and that too at a very reasonable cost!! I would definitely recommend Smile Architect dental and implant center to one and all.


Testimonial- Raghavendra

The clinic is located in the heart of the city in Jayanagar with ample parking space!!, spacious clinic, homely environment, friendly doctors and staff and more importantly I wanted invisible braces at affordable price which was delivered.

Joshua (West indies)

Testimonial- Joshua

Very good treatment done at affordable prices. Happy to have takrn treatment from Dr.Girish. I needed dental treatment which were done with proper care, explanation and concern.

Sidhra (Dubai)

Testimonial- Sidhra

(as told by parent)I visited Dr.Girish's clinic for treatment and was very happy the way he handled my treatment and I congratulate him on a job well done.

Sarojamma (Bangalore)

Testimonial- Sarojamma

I had trouble with my dentures and came to Dr.Girish for implant supported denture. I received the same and my treatment was smooth and timely. I had a confortable, painfree experience. Th e consultant implantologist also was very helpful and cooperative. I would blindly recommend Smile Architect dental and implant center to all dental patients.

Jeff Merkel (Canada)

Came to Bangalore and started Invisible braces treatment in Smile Architect dental center, and am very happy with the way my treatment was handled and was provided what I was promised. Would definitely recommend Dr.Girish to all patients looking for Invisible braces at affordable prices.

JSuja (Abu dhabi)

Dr Girish is good at his job, He helped me find solutions for all my dental problem. Hats off to you sir

Pradeep (Dubai)

The treatment which I underwent at Dr Girish was very nice. I had very great experience with Dr Girish

Ruchira (Bangalore)

I was getting married and wanted some correction for my protruded teeth and found Dr.Girish’s Smile Architect at the right time. Now iam very confident about my smile thanks to the Invisible braces treatment!!

Venkatesh (Singapore- RBS bank)

I got invisible braces started and had to move to Singapore at short notice. The treatment was smooth without any hassles.

Dr. Shaik

I was fortunate to get treatment done from Dr.Girish because ia wanted Invisible braces in a short period of time at affordable prices. I heard that Dr.girish was trained in Germany for clear aligners so I decided he is the right person to help me with my teeth alignment. Since iam a doctor I could not afford to have visible braces, so these Invisible braces aligners are a boon for a professional like me!!

Thushara (Bangalore)

Got my Invisible braces treatment from Dr.Girish and am very happy to say that things are going fine and smooth. In between there was a issue with the fitting of the aligners but the issue was solved by Dr.Girish and treatment was good.

Manjunath (Bangalore)

Very contented with the invisible braces treatment provided and the virtual presentation shown to me about my treatment results even before starting ny Invisible braces treatment.

Senthil (Bangalore)

Was getting job offers and wanted some sort of invisible braces. Got the same from Smile architect invisible braces center i.e Dr.Girish, who is a Clear aligner specialist from Germany. My gaps were closed within a few months and I definitely recommend this clinic to everyone.


Got laser depigmentation treatment for my dark colored gums along with braces treatment from Dr.Girish, very happy and pleased with the workmanship and skill of Dr.Girish. I recommend to everyone.

Nikita (Bangalore)

Got ceramic braces done which were very transparent and comfortable. Completed my treatment smoothly and results were amazing. Thanks to Dr.Girish for his orthodontic braces treatment.

Aravind (Hosur- Tamilnadu)

I met many dentists and orthodontist but finally decided to get my jaw surgery with braces treatment done with Dr.Girish, since his way of communication and explanation was very good and convincing, I have successfullt completed my surgery and braces without any hassles and problems. Regards to Dr.girish and his team.

Iram (Bangalore)

I got my ceramic braces treatment at very good price done from Dr.girish. after the treatment result I was very happy and I recommended many of my friends to Dr.Girish. his orthodontic skills are appreciable.

Patient success stories are mostly personal experiences of various people who have been provided care by our experienced team of doctors and medical staff and nurses.

Many of them prefer to remain anonymous for various personal reasons.However they value the relationship with us and are willing to give direct feedback regarding care provided by us to anybody who like to make an informed choice of medical care at our facility.


In case you require the contact details of any of the patients for a private email or telephonic communication do place a request and we would provide you the details at the earliest.

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