Invisible Braces

invisible bracesInvisible Braces Treatments are based on clear removable teeth aligners designed for cosmetic dental purposes in aligning the teeth. There is the customization of a patient’s teeth and is used as an alternative treatment to traditional braces. The advantages of Invisible Braces aligners are that they are clear and more comfortable to wear than traditional braces because they are custom made for each stage of the teeth straightening process. Some of the disadvantages arethat the effectiveness depends on consistency of wearer and the price is more costly than traditional braces.

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The Invisible Braces are made by taking the impressions of the teeth and then having them computerized into 3D to plan how the teeth should be expected to look like at each stage. Then customized aligners are created from the impressions to slowly adapt the teeth into the preferred form at each stage.
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Steps involved in Treatment

  • Consultation with the doctor for examination, diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • The doctor will explain the pro’s and con’s involved in treatment with Invisible Braces(Clear Aligners), the duration, cost and problems that can arise temporarily
  • Patient should bring their OPG and Lateral cephalogram (xrays) or else the doctor will direct u to the nearby diagnostic center for accurate, digital xrays
  • After the patient is convinced an accurate impressions of the patient is made with special impression materials called rubber base impression(Addition silicone)
  • The impressions are sent to the laboraratory for scanning and planning. At this stage the patient will have to pay atleast 50 % of the total treatment cost.
  • After 1 week to 10 days a virtual presentation is sent to the patient by email for examination, on seeing which the patient will get an idea as to whether the treatment is as desired by the patient and the doctor.
  • Then once the patient gives the “go ahead”, the fabrication of the aligners will be started.
  • At this stage the patient must complete the remaining payment
  • The aligners will be received from the laboratory within 3 weeks.
  • If the patient stays out of Bangalore, the aligners can be shipped to the patient’s doorstep
Advantages of Invisible Braces Aligners
  1. Clear/inconspicuous
  2. More comfort than braces
  3. Removable
  4. Less pain in process
  5. Faster result time than traditional braces
  6. Less pressure on teeth and gums
  7. Allows for easy flossing/brushing of teeth
Disadvantages of Invisible Braces Aligners
  1. Effectiveness depends on consistency of wearer
  2. More costly than traditional braces
  3. Easily misplaced
  4. Difficulties with rotating lower premolar teeth



Risks of Invisible Braces Aligners

As with other orthodontic appliances, there may be some risks that occur with Invisible Braces products including rare cases of allergies or toxic sensitivity to Invisible Braces products. There could also be possible symptoms of nausea, sore throat, cough, or cases of swelling or throat pain. Also, if an aligner is not utilized for the amount of time it was recommended and does not align the teeth for the next set of aligners in a treatment, a new impression may have to be made which means increase in cost of treatment.

Invisible Braces versus Veneers / Laminates

While veneers are quick treatments for cosmetic purposes, it does not actually help with health problems of the teeth and the front tooth enamel are removed and a thin piece of porcelain or plastic veneer is glued over. They can chip or break over time and last for only five to ten years and have to be replaced with the same high cost for every new set. Invisible Braces permanently straightens teeth and can be maintained for a lifetime depending on the care a patient gives to their teeth.

Invisible Braces- Cost Comparison with Other Countries

Invisible braces- Comparison with Other Countries

Invisible braces- Comparison with Other Countries


General Instructions
Each aligner has to be worn for exactly 2 weeks i.e. 14-15 days.
Each aligner has to be worn all throughout the day except during meals and brushing.
In case of loss, damage or breakage of aligner, please report to your treating doctor immediately.
Aligner Insertion
Make sure you have the proper aligner – the upper for the top teeth and the lower for your bottom teeth.
You may insert either the upper or lower aligner first. When inserting each aligner, gently push the aligners over your front teeth. Then, apply equal pressure, using your fingertips, to the tops of your left and right molars (Back Teeth) until the aligner snaps into place.
If aligners don’t fit properly, gently BITE onto cotton or gauze piece to seat your aligners into position. If you experience significant discomfort, please contact your treating doctor immediately
Aligner Removal
Using your fingers, start on one side at the molars, and slowly work your way around to the other side.
To help prevent damage, avoid unnecessary removal.
DO NOT use any sharp object to remove your aligners.
Immediately rinse aligner with water, shake off excess water, and store your aligners in the protective case provided with your starter kit.
Do Not use excessive force to bend or twist an aligner to get it off
Daily Care and Maintenance of Your ClearPath Aligners
Clean your ClearPath aligners prior to each insertion. You can use a soft bristle toothbrush using water or a small amount of toothpaste.
Rinse each aligner thoroughly with water after each cleaning.
DO NOT use denture cleaners to clean aligners or soak them in mouthwash. These products can damage the surface of the aligner, causing it to become dull and more visible.
Proper Oral Hygiene
Remove your aligners for eating and drinking, except when drinking water (only).
Brush and floss your teeth after each meal or snack prior to re-inserting your aligners. If you have questions regarding your hygiene techniques, consult with your treating doctor!
Regular dental checkups and cleaning are recommended for the continued health of your teeth and gums.
Storing Your ClearPath Aligners
Case to keep invisible bracesWe recommend that you store your aligners in a case when not in your mouth. This will help protect them from loss and damage. Always keep the most recently used aligners (previous case) also in a separate case / pouch with yourself. If your current aligner is lost or broken, your treating doctor needs to be called immediately and you may temporarily go back one stage and use the previous set of aligners while a replacement is being made. Keep out of reach of children and pets!.