Gum Treatments

Gum treatments (Periodontics)

Unhealthy gum tissue is one of the most important issues affecting individuals hoping to improve their oral health before undergoing any kind of cosmetic dentistry. Without strong gums to support the teeth, patients may find they do not qualify to receive a wide variety of cosmetic treatments.

In addition, maintaining strong teeth and gums is important in the prevention of wider health issues such as diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

Smile Architect Dental Clinic offers a wide variety of cosmetic and corrective gum treatments to improve the health and appearance of gums.

If gum disease is left untreated, you could lose your teeth as a result of a degradation of bone and soft tissue support. Deep cleaning treatments are provided by our dentists, during which bacteria is removed from the root surface.

Patients can also receive advice on how to improve their daily cleaning routines to ensure regular brushing and flossing becomes more effective in removing bacteria and potentially harmful plaque from teeth.

In addition, we can give advice about the issue of halitosis, which can cause high levels of embarrassment for sufferers. Establishing the cause and an appropriate dental cleaning programme is vital for individuals to enjoy the benefits of fresh breath.

Chewing sugar-free gum can also help to mask the effects of halitosis by increasing saliva flow and inhibiting the build-up of harmful substances and cleans teeth following a meal.

Laser Gum Reshaping & Laser Flap surgery

Some patients suffer from excessive gum tissue showing, especially in their smile zone which makes their teeth look shorter and less attractive. Patients who suffer from an uneven gum line resulting in some teeth looking longer than others and so creating an unattractive smile, look for an easy and painless way of correcting their gummy smile.

A gummy smile can be painlessly & easily corrected with a soft tissue laser and with laser gum contouring the teeth can be made to look longer once again and the smile can be improved quickly and dramatically.

Below you can see an Image of our Kavo Soft tissue laser that we use for gum contouring:

To correct the gummy smile, we carry out soft tissue Laser Sculpting of the gum tissues and where necessary the underlying bone can be removed to create a healthier and more attractive looking gum contours. If underlying bone tissue is removed, the procedure is called crown lengthening.

As a result of Laser sculpting, gummy smile sufferers see more of their teeth when they smile and less of their gums will be visible. We can also further improve the appearance of the teeth by using veneers or crowns.

Our dentists have the skills and experience in performing soft tissue Laser sculpting and crown lengthening. We are one of a few practices in Bangalore to perform the Laser gum surgery and our Periodontist (Gum Specialist) is specialized in Kavo diode laser surgery

Crown lengthening, is a common gum surgery in which gum tissue and bone is removed from around a tooth to expose more of a particular tooth. This is often carried out when a tooth needs a crown and there is not enough tooth tissue left above the gum to support the crown.

Before any crown lengthening treatment is conducted, patients will be asked to attend an initial consultation with one of our experienced dentists to review their medical history and teeth both clinically and with X-rays. Following this, the second appointment will see the patient undergo the procedure while under local anaesthetic. Intra-venous sedation is also available for any patients who wish to be sedated before having gum surgery.

The gum specialist (Periodontist) will raise the gum to pull the soft tissue away from the tooth to expose the root and surrounding bone. She will then remove some bone around the root and this will then provide adequate room to install a crown.

Prospective patients suffering from gummy smile looking for an alternative procedure to improve the appearance of their smile by displaying more tooth tissue could benefit from laser gum reshaping treatment. During this procedure, patients will be placed under local anaesthesia while the dentist trimming small amounts of excess gum tissue and reshaping the gums with a soft tissue laser gently. Soft tissue Lasers are designed to carry out the procedure bloodlessly and with minimal post-operative bleeding and swelling.

The soft tissue laser used to carry out this procedure allow patients to heal quickly with little discomfort caused, helping them enjoy a dazzling Hollywood smile in a short period of time.