What is a clearpath aligner?

A clearpath aligner is a custom-made plastic dental appliance used to correct the misalignment of teeth.

How clearpath aligners work?

Clearpath aligners also work the same as the traditional aligners. They exert pressure on the teeth and move the teeth in to the right position.

Is using only one aligner be enough to straighten the teeth?

No, the teeth can’t be straightened using only one aligner. During the treatment period, the patient may need to use a series of aligners for the best result.

How many aligners are required to straighten the teeth?

The doctor will decide on the number of aligners to be used after checking the severity of the problem.

What is the age limit for aligner treatment?

There is no upper age limit for the aligner treatment. However, the minimum age for aligner treatment is 14 years. The dentist will be able to suggest you the exact timing for you.

Are the clearpath aligners removable?

Yes. The clearpath aligners are removable and convenient to use.

Are they invisible?

Yes. Clearpath aligners are almost invisible. Nobody will be able to notice that you are wearing aligners.

Is aligner treatment painful?

There will not be much pain as with the traditional braces treatment. There can be slight discomfort as the teeth moves from their position. The aligners will not make cuts and wounds in the cheeks.

How frequently do I need to visit my dentist?

Clearpath aligners do not require frequent visit to the dentist. The number of visit schedules will vary according to the severity of the case.

How can I get clearpath aligners?

We offer the best aligner treatment at our clinic. You can get an appointment through our website.